what’s next?

do you hear that? listen . . . it’s the collective sigh of relief of the back burner team.

the premiere of “say hello to clive for me” is over and we had a great turnout. while the numbers haven’t been tabulated officially yet, a look at the filled seats in the pickwick theatre lead us to believe there were close to 700 people there. maybe more.

for the most part, people enjoyed the film. it was the first time i had seen it from start to finish, and it is a strange feeling to know that i was a part of that. seeing an actual film, which i helped bring to the screen, up in front of me — four stories high — was very cool.

the first question asked during the q&a session was, “what’s next?” that was quite affirming. people wanted to know if we’d do another film, as well as what was next for “clive.” and the emails are coming in, asking when dvds will be available.

as far as i know, the plan is to enter it into the toronto international film festival, which takes place from september 17-26, 2006. the deadline for submissions is june 9, 2006.

after that, who knows?

thanks to all who came out for the premiere. even if the film wasn’t your cup of tea, i hope you could appreciate the work (read: blood, sweat, and tears) that went into it.

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