so i haven’t been so good at updating my blog since the premiere, but when i don’t get comments, i wonder if people are even reading and if it’s worth continuing. maybe you’re out there checking in and saying, “why doesn’t she write more so i have something to comment on?” maybe not?

life is going to be busy for the next few weeks. this weekend is comprised of board meetings at work, a cantate rehearsal, and a huge family dinner with people who are rarely in the same state at the same time.

next weekend is the wedding of phrysque’s and my dear friends (see vélez-luce wedding link if you’re so inclined), so i’m taking friday off to partake in bridesmaids-y activities such as manicures and pedicures, quartet rehearsal, and afternoon tea.

in may, i have two work events two weekends in a row, both fifty-year reunions, one for undergrad classes and one for seminary. the seminary reunion is new to me since i began here four years ago but should be fun, and not even as much work as the undergrad group, as i am sharing the responsibility with the seminary staff. works for me.

when those two events are over i plan to relax. get away for a bit. i don’t know where yet, but i’m thinking on it . . .

have a wonderful weekend!


mel vel said...

can't wait for friday, dear friend. :) thanks for being such a great source of support and joining in our excitement over this past year! you're the best!

Scott said...

Just wanted to comment so that you know people do actually read your blog.

Got Peter's CD in the mail last week! Rock! \m/