tomorrow i will be taking part in an experiment of sorts, otherwise known as the "external relations staff social outing." i say it is an experiment for two reasons. one: it has never been done before. and two: there really is no telling what will be the result of having these ten people in one place for a full day during which they don’t have to talk about that thing we call work.

personally, i think it will be great. mini-golf on navy pier, lunch at the billy-goat (“cheeseborga! cheeseborga! cheeseborga!”) tavern, being out of the office on what is forecast to be a beautiful, seventy-degree day and who knows what else? fortunately for me, i’m friends with three of my co-workers and friendly with the rest.

i’ll bring my camera and perhaps post a pic or two here later this week.

external relations staff day of fun, here we come!

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