secret identities revealed

it occurred to me this week that hiding my name, and those of my friends and family, on this blog is probably pretty pointless. i don’t give out any information that could lead anyone to my (or their) doorstep, nor do i offer up anything that is so embarrassing that they would prefer to remain anonymous. (and, if i felt the need to do so, i could always create an alias for the embarrassee in question.)

so, here is a list of names that have been mentioned thus far and their true counterparts:

amo = ann-marie, keeper of the blog
phrysque = david, better half of the keeper of the blog
pjo = peter, brother
smo = susanna, sister-in-law
ieo = isaak, nephew

lurleen = laurie, friend
t = tonya, cousin
mr. fontaine = dave, friend

i think that’s it for now. from here on out, unless someone asks me not to, i’ll just use people’s real names. keeps it from getting too confusing.

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