women who rock (aka the rockettes)

two of my friends, melissa and audrey, have spent the last four years growing their hair. not just ’cause you can do fun stuff with it or because they thought it was most flattering to their face shapes. they did this because, when it was long enough, they planned to donate their hair to an organization called locks of love. locks of love provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children, age eighteen and under, who suffer from long-term medical hair loss.

the fact that melissa and audrey would spend years to grow out their hair, keeping it healthy (no dying allowed, not that either of them would need to) for the sole purpose of helping children who have lost their hair because of alopecia, cancer, and other diseases, is an awesome thing. but they’re pretty awesome women to begin with.

melissa and audrey
before . . .

and after!

it’s merely a bonus that they both look great no matter their hair length. you rock, women! thanks for you compassion and for putting that compassion into action.


The Velez Luces said...

hey, thanks. i think you're pretty cool too. :)

elm said...

AHHHHH! Their hair looks SO CUTE!
Mutemath is a pretty-rockin indie experimental rock band... Christians, but don't call them Christian rockers because they will sue you over it. A little Internet research will clarify what I mean by that, but anyway- good music.
Also, do you have Keane's new CD?

amo said...

thanks for the info on mutemath. i'll do some research sometime.

didn't even know keane *had* a new cd! might have to look into that . . .

elm said...

Maybe by the rockin' Rockettes you mean... the Lockettes?!
BAD PUN... bad, bad pun. I'm learning to help myself.

mar said...

it's pretty fun to grow your hair out, but i only spent 3 years doing it so mine was *much* shorter than theirs when i finally chopped it.
debating doing it again. it's starting to get long-ish finally a year and a half after the cut.
great pics!