just a little over a week after my post about the craziness, excitement, and uncertainty of life, i suddenly feel . . . calm. it’s amazing what a little time, some perspective, and a lot of prayer will do.

long story short, i was approached with a job opportunity. it was one that, initially, sounded perfect for me. but the more i learned about it and the more i thought about it, the more i realized that, even though i have the ability and the necessary skills to do the job, i simply don’t want to. i realized i will be happier in the long run if i stay where i am right now. surprise contentment. so unexpected, yet so welcome.

wrapped up in the roller coaster that was the job opportunity was the question of whether or not i would be able to get out to vermont this summer. no flight from chicago to vermont that has three—count them, three—layovers should cost $1,000. that’s right, folks, one THOUSAND dollars. [do your own dr. evil
impersonation here.] thank goodness for priceline.com. i may not get there ’til eleven at night and i may have to leave at six in the morning to return home, but with one layover and a price under $300, i can deal with that.

posts may be few and far between during the next few weeks as i travel. this coming friday, david and i leave for michigan to spend the fourth of july weekend with his parents. we’ll also get to see laurie and amy, and it’s possible i’ll see aunt ruth and uncle rich, too, while we’re there. two days after i get back, i leave for a week in vermont. if i’m not careful, i may become so content while on vacation that i won’t want to come back!

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elm said...

i went on a date last night!

details soon. whenever you come around. :) hope you're having a great couple of trips! praying for safety & peace for you-