you rock, isaak!

when isaak was younger and just learning to speak and put words together, he enjoyed mimicking what others would say. this still happens, only he understands what he’s — and we’re — saying. well, most of the time.

when i visited them in vermont about three years ago, isaak picked up on one of his mama’s common sayings: “you rock!” this exclamation is often followed by the name of the person to whom it is said. so, when isaak did a good job of getting into his high chair or eating his dinner or finishing his juice, susanna would say, “good job! you rock, isaak!”

upon hearing me tell isaak’s papa at dinner one night that he rocked, isaak exclaimed, “you rock, papa!” and proceeded to go around the table, pointing to each person as he beamed, saying, “you rock, papa! you rock, mama! you rock, ammee!” finally, after we had gone around the table more than enough times, and after our giggles has subsided, i asked him, “who rocks, isaak?” and he said, matter-of-factly, “i do.”

yes, you do, buddy.

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elm said...

isaak rocks!!! i love that little man, and i've never even met him.
thanks for your comment on my post. :) i am excited to join the adult world of blogging.
how are you doing? how are things going? i am anxious to get back to Chicago @ some point this summer, but the next 2 weeks are a little over-committed (i'm 2nd-lady-in-charge for VBS @ my church next week. please pray for me & for the whole thing!). however, i have been talking to Gilmore & we are working out a time for me to visit, and when i do, i will DEFINITELY touch base with you.
in the meantime, we have our blogs. ;)