post-vacation pics

almost three weeks since my last post . . . i think that’s the longest i’ve ever gone. hope you’re still out there!

the fourth of july weekend was wonderful. david and i got to spend a lot of quality time with his parents, i got to meet some of their lake friends and become re-acquainted with some friends from my youth, we met up with laurie and amy at bond falls (below), and we had my aunt ruth and uncle rich over for a fourth of july barbecue. if i hadn’t fallen off my bike in my first attempt at off-road biking, resulting in a sizable bruise on my derriere, i’d say it was a perfect weekend. david’s parents were overly generous in their willingness to have guests so early in their summer, and i thanked them as often as i could without sounding (i hope) insincere. the trip back was long, only because i wasn’t ready to leave the north woods. at the same time, it was nice to return to my own bed.

david, ann-marie, laurie, and amy at bond falls

two days after returning from michigan, i left for a week in vermont with peter, susanna, and isaak. i also saw my friend tausha and met some of her friends, which was great fun. now that i'm back from that trip, i’ve taken a look through the photos that david took up north (my camera never even made it out of its carrying case) and that i took out east. i may post more in the future, but one from each trip will suffice for now.

ann-marie and isaak

i hope you had a fun and safe fourth of july weekend and that you’re staying cool.

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The Velez Luces said...

that child is scrumptious. not as scrumptious as pesto, though...mmmmmm. :) so fun seeing you the other night!