welcome home

who would have thought fourteen days could feel like such a long time? while the past two weeks were filled with fun in vermont and busyness back at work, they also comprised the longest amount of time that david and i have been apart since we started dating. when i was in vermont, he was in chicago. when i was in chicago, he was in tennessee, working as webmaster for the covenant church’s triennial youth conference, chic. it may sound silly and, perhaps to some (*cough*megan*cough*), nauseating, but it wasn’t fun. there was no question in either of our minds that our time apart would strengthen our relationship, but suddenly, after nearly ten months of seeing my best friend every day, i didn’t get to see him at all for two weeks. and that stunk. thank goodness for cell phones and email.

after david returned and got some much needed catch-up sleep, he and i got to catch up on each other. he told me that his week was good despite various and sundry web-related frustrations, and i told him pretty much the same about my week, though my frustrations were of the homecoming brochure variety. and we realized that, once we were in the same room again, those two weeks felt like no more than one day.

yesterday was another lazy day, minus the hour or two that dave worked to post some chic web videos and photos and update my computer. last night was date night at ravinia, where we had tickets to hear three concertos by mozart. the concert was part of my birthday gift to david, whose birthday was in may, and was one of very few date nights that we’ve actually had in the past ten months. other than the fact that i completely forgot that you can’t leave at four o’clock for a five o’clock concert and have any hope of finding parking anywhere near the park, causing us to arrive almost forty-five minutes late and carrying our picnic basket, cooler, table, and blanket into a sea of people in which a david-and-ann-marie-sized plot of land was nigh impossible to find, it was a lovely evening. the weather was ideal, there wasn’t a mosquito to be swatted, and our neighbors graciously offered us the use of their bottle opener, which was the only thing i had neglected to throw into any of the three bags we brought, nay, lugged from the car to the shuttle and from the shuttle to the park. but, like i said, when all was said and done, it was a lovely evening. so lovely, in fact, we’re thinking of going back next sunday to hear another mozart program. only i think, next time, we’ll leave at one. *sigh* i kid. happy birthday, david, and welcome home.


Stuart Shea said...

Ah, yes, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.' True, but a pain in the neck lesson to learn! Glad you're back to not having enough date nights but at least being in the same city.

MeganBritt said...

did i ever use the word "nauseating"? i think not, my friend. :P

amo said...

stu - a pain in the neck lesson, indeed. a good one, though, i think.

megela - no, you never did use that word (even when/if you may have *thought* it!). ;)

Small Moments of Sanity said...

hey lady!
don't think i've visited your blog in a long time much less even leave a comment... i completely concur with absence makes the heart grow fonder.