london calling

there’s a funny site called blogthings, where you can find random quizzes and links for your blogs. my friend, elm, recently posted her results to one of these quizzes, the point of which was to determine what city she belongs in. she, apparently, is best suited for a city like rome. i decided to take the quiz, and here are the questions and their multiple-choice answers (my choices are in italics):

1. if you had a ton of cash, what sort of designer clothes would fill your wardrobe?
.....a. versace
.....b. dkny
.....c. stella mccartney
.....d. jean-paul gautier

2. when it comes to your career . . .
.....a. your career comes first—and you’re a total go-getter.
.....b. you don’t mind having a career, but you’d prefer to be a mother.
.....c. you go to work, enjoy it, but you don’t make it your life.
.....d. your career is important—but so are your friends and love life.

3. what type of men do you love?
.....a. romantic, old-fashioned guys
.....b. aggressive men with a bit of an edge to them
.....c. sexy guys who are a bit on the rough side
.....d. sophisticated, witty men

4. you couldn’t enjoy a city that didn’t have . . .
.....a. incredible food
.....b. stuff to do around the clock
.....c. lots of art and architecture
.....d. a diverse, thriving population

5. the first impression people get of you is that you’re . . .
.....a. passionate and feminine
.....b. driven and energetic
.....c. charming and worldly
.....d. opinionated and creative

6. your idea of culture is
.....a. poetry, fashion shows, and good wine
.....b. ethnic food, first-run theater shows, and punk concerts
.....c. going to a modern art museum or clubbing with your friends
.....d. the opera or out dancing with your sweetie

7. when you go out for dinner, you usually opt for something . . .
.....a. sophisticated
.....b. spicy
.....c. trendy
.....d. comforting

these are interesting (and a little frustrating) because, in most cases, i would pick one or two options from the various answer choices and one or two from another. for example, my idea of culture is more likely to be going to a modern art museum, a first-run theater show, and good wine. but that wasn’t an option.

and in the case of the first question, choices i would actually make are not available. i know old navy, h&m, j.jill, eddie bauer, and l.l.bean aren’t “designers,” necessarily, but they’re the clothes i love and would wear.

nevertheless, i offer to you the link to take this quiz for yourself, as i reside quite happily in chicago.

you belong in london
a little old fashioned, and a little modern.
a little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
a unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
no wonder you and london will get along so well.


elm said...

ok so maybe you are too Chicagoan to call any other city "home," but if you HAD to go to another big one, i do think London would suit you. have you been there? do you agree? :)
hope the quiz was fun, anyway!

amo said...

i *have* been to london, and i loved it--for the short four days i was there. but chicago is and always will be home (even if i ever do move somewhere else).

and yes, the quiz was fun. thanks! :)

mar said...

i'm london too.
and it's probably my favourite city in the world. but then, i've never really been to chicago, except for a couple shows.