poor cubbies

poor, poor, poor cubbies. not only was it even hotter near the lake last night—a heat index of 117 there as opposed to the 103 it was inland—but they lost big time to the diamondbacks. fortunately for me, emily agreed that sitting at the ballpark on a night like last night was not wise, so we watched the game on cable in my parents’ cool basement. considering the outcome (15-4 d’backs) i’m even more glad we weren’t at the park. thank you, emily.

on an unrelated note, is it bad that i arrived at work today feeling like it’s thursday?


The Velez Luces said...

it is DISGUSTING outside. who wakes up sweating?!?!!? that sort of thing is only cute on little snuggly snarfly babies. gehhhhhhhhhh.

Small Moments of Sanity said...

so THAT's where the muggy weather went. good. you can have it. ugh.. nothing like walking in an armpit all day eh???? ;)