whirlwind wedding weekend

this past weekend, david and i took a quick trip to arvada, colorado, to attend (and, in david’s case, stand up in) the wedding of our friends luke and chrissy. by quick, i mean quick. we left chicago at six on friday morning, and left arvada at six am on sunday. hence, the whirlwind.

anyway, the weekend. having only ever met chrissy once before and being invited to stay at her parents’ house was, while very much appreciated, a little nerve-wracking. it’s a wedding weekend. it’s bound to be chaotic and tense, and i am bound to get in everyone’s way, whether i feel like i’m helping or not.

this was not at all the case. it was such a fun, relaxed weekend, and everyone was so nice. the groom, five of the six groomsmen, the bride, one of her bridesmaids, and i all stayed at the home of the bride’s parents. if you look up “hospitable” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of kathy and dave erickson, with an inset of chrissy.

the wedding itself was also a lot of fun, and the reception gave me a chance, while david was sitting at the head table with the bridal party, to get to know some of his college friends, nettie, suzanne, sunni, all of whom are wonderful people.

our trip home was long, mostly because we had a two-hour layover in tulsa that was extended by nearly an hour due to a backup at o’hare (surprise, surprise). but we were home by four in the afternoon on sunday, which allowed us time to have lou’s pizza with mom and dad, and still get to bed early before heading into another week.

congratulations, chrissy & luke!

pre-ceremony picture

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Small Moments of Sanity said...

i love this picture. you guys are too cute!