another one down

homecoming has come and gone, and this year was definitely the best so far. it was my fifth homecoming as director of the alumni office, and i think i’ve finally found my groove. it also helped that my new boss and my new co-director were there to help me take care of events and to be and find extra hands to help. we had a great turnout for each event, and even the torrential downpours and tornado warnings couldn’t keep people away. now that’s dedication to your alma mater!

when the festivities were over, david and i took a short trip to old orchard, got some starbucks, and ambled through the outdoor corridors, venturing only into apple and pottery barn. we just enjoyed the sunshine and the chance to relax. i relaxed even further when we returned to my apartment, where we put war games into the dvd player, and i fell asleep. after an hour or so, i woke up and we ate a little something. then we put in a dvd of friends, and i fell asleep again. for three hours. david finally woke me up at eleven and encourged me to go to my bed so he could get his lap back and go home. i then slept until eight thirty this morning. if my calculations are correct, i came close to getting fourteen hours of sleep.

i’m in the office today, but only for a few hours. i am so thankful for the quiet. my phone has rung twice, the callers being david and my dad. tomorrow i will return to the grind.

my true comp time will be used in two weeks, when laurie, nancy, and i head north to cranberry fest. i’m looking forward to arts and crafts, tasty treats, fall colors, and some good girl time.

side note: i completely forgot how much i love affy tapples. mmmmmm . . .

happy fall!


melissa & steven said...

CRANBERRY FEST?!?!?!? how fun is THAT??! i'm so glad this weekend went well for you. can't wait to get together and catch up. you're always welcome on thursdays! :)

amo said...

thanks! if only i didn't have choir rehearsal every thursday from 7:45-9:45! :( my "grey" days will have to come in dvd form, i'm afraid. so nice to know i'm welcome, though.

MeganBritt said...

I don't know if I told you, but you really did a great job with homecoming, and did a great job keeping things more level-headed than *hm*others*hm* may have done. I, for one, appreciated your presence and experience. Great job, AMO! You are one of the reasons I like my job as much as I do! :)