chase is my friend

one week and two days after discovering that my debit card number had been used without my knowledge or permission, i am once again on track. the old debit card number is no longer usable, the new debit card has been received, and the money is back in my account. other than my initial phone conversation with a chase employee who i was paranoid enough to believe was a woman sitting in her living room posing as a chase employee, i have had nothing but positive interactions with their staff. when i called yesterday afternoon at four thirty to inquire about the status of my fraud dispute claim, i was told that the claim form had been received and that the money should have been put back into my account within two days after receipt of that form. the chase fraud department rep said she would make a note for her supervisor to get it done. when i called at ten forty-five this morning, the money was there, and all was right with the world. *whew*

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