love is . . .

your boyfriend apologizing for shushing you in a rather blunt manner while watching nigella lawson get snippy with david letterman, of all things, and you realizing, as he speaks the words, that he not only means it, but he feels badly about it.

love also is recognizing that you sometimes can be too sensitive about things like this.

i love you, david.

what is love to you? karen, at chookaloonks, has started "love thursdays," where bloggers post stories of love. on thursdays. duh.


PastorMac's Ann said...

Not a lame post at all.

Forgiveness. Giving it, getting it. A HUGE part of real love, indeed.

Great post.

Irene said...

you have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of this today.
thank you!

happy love thursday!