happy love thursday!

if it weren’t for the prompting of melissa i would have forgotten about love thursday all together. i woke up feeling quite sick to my stomach today, but that passed quickly, and i arrived at work only two hours later than usual. upon checking my blog to see if anyone else had commented on david’s and my wee beings, i read melissa’s comment, asking why i hadn’t yet contributed to love thursday.

as i said last week, i should have posted photos of the birthday girl, katie, who had turned one the day before, but i had made a promise to valerie and greg (who leave tomorrow for guatemala for another visit with gabriel, by the way).

the party started with the opening of presents, which katie loved. she enjoyed ripping the paper, even after it was off of the gift. gift? what gift? i thought this beautiful—and oh-so-entertaining—paper was my gift!

mommy, the teacher, gave her a set of musical instruments. she particularly liked the cymbals and the maracas.

daddy, the business man, gave her a ralph lauren button-down shirt with pearl buttons and “cuff links.”

grandma made her a beautiful, super-soft shawl.

david and i gave her a set of plastic car keys on an alarm fob, which has buttons that make various sounds, and a set of six balls that each make a different sound when you shake or roll them. they were more of a hit than i was expecting.

and, some of the time, she just liked to sit in the gift boxes.

happy birthday, katie!


elm said...

i think katie might have uncle david's eyes? the gene pool must run deep.

MeganBritt said...

wee-gan has a home! but yeah, sure... alaskan snow storm... hehe.

wee-mo seems to have changed her home though... shouldn't that wide-open field have a bunch of sunflowers and wee-mo and weevid running toward each other? ;)