today is love thursday

but it could also be called peace thursday:

my nephew, isaak, has a new “idea” he is promoting. he thinks about real people and book or tv people, and decides if they are peacemakers. if they are, he gives them a prize. this boy has just thought up the nobel peace prize without even knowing it!

or crush thursday:

isaak also has a “work bag” now, into which he puts things that he deems important. he was carrying a photo of my parents in it the other day and said to his daddy, “did you know i have a crush on these people?” when asked if he knew what “crush” meant, he said, “it’s just an expression that tells that you really like someone.”

i have a crush on isaak. a big one.

finally, today could also be called i love thursday:

after work tonight, laurie, nancy, and i head up to wisconsin for a long weekend. despite my earlier, woeful entry, i am very excited about this weekend.


cnedaria said...

That crush comment is priceless. I love the things kids say when they're figuring out the world. Hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Love Thursday!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great peace, crush & love thursday post!