and so it begins

seven months. we have seven months to plan our wedding. neither david nor i ever thought we’d need more than six months, but for some reason that one extra month makes it sound just a little less daunting. my aunt and uncle only had three months, and they got it done. we’ll be fine . . .


as i sat with my laptop last night, typing up a “to do” list, i began to feel a bit overwhelmed. but then i created an account at
the knot and pulled up the “what you should get done in november” list. i crossed off quite a few things already, which made me feel good. granted, some things got crossed off because they don’t apply to david’s and my wedding, but now they’re not on the updated list, which makes it look just that much shorter.

tomorrow is thanksgiving, and, in honor of that, i just want to say, “happy fiends

david’s parents have invited my parents and me to join them for thanksgiving dinner, which will be great fun. i bet a lot of memories will be brought to mind as our dads, who grew up together, and david’s grandfather enjoy each others’ company across the dinner table.

it is my plan to create my binder, complete with separators, tonight so that i can start printing out lists and photos and ideas and suggestions and funny emails, like this one, which was sent to us on monday by our pastor:

Dear David and Ann-Marie,

As usual the church calendar has caught us with a huge surprise—some
festival that comes straight from Seoul in which the whole Korean Covenant world assembles at one site. For two days the Ham-Hocks invade the kitchen on "simmer" with three or four aged women standing "guard," seasoning as necessary. Not only will kitchen and parlors be used, they've even reserved the north and south chapels for overflow, and the street will be cordoned off for bus parking. It's going to be quite a mess for the building and custodial staff, as you can imagine.

However, in light of [your] wedding we've gladly shut down the Ham-Hock celebration! Bless you two—let us know how we can serve you best.


Pastor Doug

we both fell for it. hard. it’s going to be a fun seven months, as david and i plan our revenge on our dear pastor.

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melissa & steven said...

i think steven is vendetta, and i am charlotte. no really. if you could be a fly on the wall when he is cranky and i am trying desperately to ease his overanxious soul, you would find him growling and me singing. in a high-pitched voice. occasionally there may or may not be dancing involved. we won't talk about what happens when I'M cranky.

as always, let me know how i can help with wedding details. and don't stress one bit - it will ALL. GET. DONE. i promise. :)