my question

susan g. komen breast cancer 3-day, anyone?

responses thus far:

from joey, my 2004 walking partner: no way in h-e-double-freakin’ hockey sticks!

(okay, she didn’t actually say that, but i know she was thinking it!)

from david: i will be on the sidelines cheering you on, love. now, if it were a bike ride . . .


mar said...

$2200 is a lotta cash to raise, but i've wanted to do it since you did.

amo said...

why not!? you can raise that money more easily than you'd think.

and if you can't do the one in chicago, there are eleven others:

boston: august 3-5, 2007
chicago: august 10-12, 2007
cleveland: august 17-19, 2007
twin cities: august 24-26, 2007
seattle: september 7-9, 2007
michigan: september 28-30, 2007
philadelphia: october 5-7, 2007
atlanta: october 12-14, 2007
tampa bay: october 19-21, 2007
dallas/ft. worth: october 26-28, 2007
arizona: november 2-4, 2007
san diego: november 9-11, 2007


jacks said...

I'm definitely thinking about it...

Kelly said...

Hey, AMO! I'm happy to support, but I'll leave the walking to you.

How on earth did you find my blog??

amo said...

lol. i sent you an email.

the blogosphere is an amazing place . . .