the return of love thursday

and of valerie and greg, who had an opportunity to spend this past weekend with gabriel in guatemala. how blessed this boy is to have them as his parents. he has no idea.

as a second love thursday note, my friend natalie, with whom i have sung for the past few years in cantate, called me last night to tell me that she and her boyfriend of one year, justin, got engaged last week! i have no photo, but i wanted to congratulate them and wish them a long and happy life together. and to say that i think it’s totally cool that they may have a destination wedding on catalina island!


cnedaria said...

What a great family photo! I hope they're able to all be together soon. And congratulations to your newly engaged friends. Love is a wonderful thing! Happy Love Thursday!

melissa & steven said...

mmmm, charlie haden & pat metheny. :)

PastorMac's Ann said...

What a little cute guy they've got there. Can't wait to hear you tell us he's home safe and sound ! That'll sure be a happy day.

Happy Love Thursday. Thanks for brightening my day with some love.

PS: congrats. to your friend.

mar said...

i love love!