david and i have been given a few pieces of advice already, and so far they’ve been good.

from my mother: make sure to set aside a night here and there—or even just a specific amount of time—when you do something together that doesn’t involve talk of the wedding!

from eric, one of david’s groomsmen: spend time with your friends and spend time on your own.

these are both words of wisdom we plan to heed, even though i fear the first one may be more difficult for me than it will be for david.

the piece of advice i give to myself is not to turn this blog into wedding central. i actually planned to post a “happy two-year blogiversary!” entry today, but then realized that the date on which i first started this thing was actually november first, not november thirtieth. oops. so much for that.

any other nuggets of knowledge you would like to share?


melissa & steven said...

i think the best thing we've done has been to figure out what we enjoy doing together and making sure that we prioritizing being together and making time for those things. on the flip side, we've also figured out what we enjoy doing on our own (for me, it's cooking or time in the morning before s wakes up for my devotions and coffee; for s, it's walking to and from work and having quiet time with no one home to write) and have respected that space, as well. and then there are the things that we enjoy doing with other people, which we do our best to respect, be understanding of, and make time for. easier said than done when you're under one roof (who wants to say to their spouse, "can you please leave tonight so i can have girls' night with my best friend?"), but it works well to know that for my girls' night in with audrey, i'll then go to starbucks and read the next week for his video game night with dan. i guess those are three categories/nuggets, but i think it's important, as eric said, to specifically make time for your individual and coupled times with yourselves, each other, friends, family and of course (hopefully not last), God.

Anti-wroothe said...

Was glad to read on your blog (when you mentioned it a bit ago) that you were having devotions together. If you can keep that as a habit, it will be a blessing.

On a practical note, BEFORE you marry, do things that can cause friction between married people who sometimes (!!!) have different ideas, and begin to work out the kinks (or at least be aware of the differences). Examples: select and put up a Christmas tree, paint or wallpaper a room, discuss a giving plan (giving time and money), buy a large ticket item. Just think about it. You'll come up with more.

Mainly, enjoy the process, and ask for help if you need it! (from the three-month planner)

Love you both!

melissa & steven said...

ohgivemeabreak (on your photo comment). you are always and ever gorgeous.