happy days

i had lunch today with my friends amy and megan, who had never met before today. they’re both friends of rachel, though, so i knew they’d enjoy each other. we went to taco bell, one of our favorite lunch destinations. a full meal for four dollars? can’t beat it with a stick!

we had a nice meal, during which we uttered many a silly saying in a variety of equally silly accents. in the car on the way back, megan mused, “do people think in accents?” it was a funny question, which led to even funnier musings on the topic. but none of it was as funny as amy’s uproarious laughter in response to the initial question. i wish i had a sound byte to play for you. it would surely make you smile.


melissa & steven said...

i actually do think in accent (often as i'm writing or typing), but does that surprise anyone? i doubt it.

melissa & steven said...

trust me, i deal with cranky people. it's kept me on the skeptical fringes of diving into this for years. but let's be honest - every profession has a cranky aspect to it....i guess you just have to do a cost-benefit analysis and determine what's best for you. :)