love thursday returns to amoblog

it’s been a while since i’ve posted on the theme of love thursday. what with christmas and new year’s and a wedding coming up, there has been a lot of love to write about, regardless of the day of the week.

but today i wanted to post something. my first instinct was to borrow an image from karen, but she kindly reminded me that love thursday is about finding love in our own lives and sharing it with the rest of the blogdom. so here is my entry for love thursday:

my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their second son in a matter of weeks. less than four, to be less than
exact. as a way of inviting family both near and far to be present with them in the hours while susanna is in labor, they
have sent to each family member a wild rose charm made by
danforth pewter, located in their home state of vermont. susanna’s sister will be making the calls to alert everyone when susanna has gone into labor, and then it is our choice as to how we use that charm. whether one wears it around their neck or keeps it in their pocket. . . whatever we choose to do, it is a way for us to be in community with them, thinking of and praying for them, while the newest little one is being brought into the world.

big brother isaak has chosen three heart charms, which he plans to wear around his neck. one charm is for mommy, one charm is for daddy, and one charm is for baby brother. i sometimes wonder if this baby knows how much he’s loved already. how could he not?


Chookooloonks said...

And THIS is one of the most beautiful Love Thursday posts I've read in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your life in this way! :o)


melissa & steven said...

beautiful. simply beautiful.

Mom2One said...

What a sweet way to come into the world.

Stuart Shea said...

thank god for love thursday!!!

PastorMac's Ann said...

May the baby's arrival be an amazing and joyful event for everyone involved.

So glad you decided to post today.

Happy LT.

mar said...

i love love (thursdays)