100 days!

but who’s counting? oh, that’s right . . . i am!

an update:

the bridesmaids’ dresses are in! when i got home last night there was a message from david’s bridal, informing me that the dresses are there and that i should pick them up sometime in the next week. we were hoping they’d arrive by the middle of march, so this was a nice surprise.

overall, things are going very well. david and i are going to look at some paint this weekend in the hopes that we can get some of the rooms in his apartment painted before i begin moving things over. my goal is to be out of my apartment by may 31 to avoid paying rent for nine days in june. my parents are going to put me up for those nine days, which will be great fun right before the wedding. especially once my brother and his family—complete with a new baby, who is now nine days overdue—arrive!

yesterday was a lucky day, as i found my wedding shoes: a pair of caparros from dsw. not only are they comfortable, but they will complement my dress very nicely. after trying on the shoes with the dress, it seems the dress may need to be taken up half an inch or so, as the hem just touches the floor right now.

in addition to looking at paint this weekend, david and i are going to buy our wedding bands and send them to have them engraved, register for a few fun items at the sweden shop, and look into what type of postage is available for the invitations and reply cards (which may be difficult right now due to an impending price hike).

on a totally girly note, if anyone is looking for a lipstick that stays on all day, no matter what, i highly recommend cover girl outlast all-day lipcolor. thanks to amy, i have found my wedding lipstick.

finally, i wanted to share a photo that was taken the night of our engagement party, courtesy of orlando. what a good looking group!


Anonymous said...

AMO - I too have recently discovered CoverGirl Outlast Lip color! There's no turning back!

Small Moments of Sanity said...

what a fun looking group! you all have great smiles and i LOVE that painting on the wall!!!