i think we’re set

what do you get when your friends throw you and your fiancé a wine and cheese engagement party?

this . . . apparently:

everyone on the guest list, which was made up of our bridal party, our parents, our siblings, and our hostess
s father/photographer and his girlfriend (who are also good friends), was asked to bring a bottle of wine as a gift for david and me. the above photo was the result.

the evening was a special time for family and friends to see each other again or to meet for the first time. coop, luke, and melissa offered up prayers for us as we enjoy this time of engagement, experience our wedding day, and for our married life. david and i left the party (last, which i suppose shouldn
t be a surprise) feeling blessed beyond belief. thanks to melissa and steven for hosting this lovely event.

it is my hope that, in a few weeks. orlando’s photos of the evening will be ready and i can post them here.


melissa & steven said...

next few weeks? silly lady - he dropped them off yesterday! :) it was our pleasure hosting this momentous celebration in honor of you and david. mazel tov! :)

melissa & steven said...

you're too funny! maybe i should write a cookbook: "what to cook when you think you have nothing". honestly, it's my great stash of cookbooks (namely, ina's, which are all SO. EASY.) that helps me when i'm in a rut. glad you like the new name. ;)

Becca said...

A wine (and other fun libations!) party a fantastic way to shower a happy couple! I love it! It's always great to hear from you, Ann-Marie, and also fun to catch up on your blog & life. Sounds like you are so happy and well. Happy wedding planning! Becca