my new addiction

i may not drink coffee every day, but i sure could eat one of these every day! in fact, i did just that this week. oh. my. gosh.

megan introduced me to them (the chocolate mocha ones, in particular), and all i have to say about that is . . . thanks a lot, megan. no, really, that’s not sarcasm. thank you!

fortunately, she also introduced me to sparkpeople.

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MeganBritt said...

my four favorite things about amo:

1. her name. i mean, who doesn't want to be called something that is necessary for hunting every day?
2. her office. seriously, i would kill for her spot so i can hear a million people talk about all variety of obnoxious things all day long.
3. her dvd collection. why else do you have friends?
4. knowing that she read all of these, slightly terrified, but getting that yes, in fact, i am trying to be funny. at which point she will promptly laugh. now. and still laughing... ok, one more time...

i heart amo (for real!). i couldn't do my job without her!