love thursday

love thursday is here again, and i am getting this entry in under the wire. today was a full day at work, which was made all the more difficult by the fact that i woke up this morning with a raging cold. where it came from, i have no idea.

at 4:30, the time i deemed the end of the day, i drove straight home, got into my pajamas, and fell asleep on the couch for an hour and a half. shortly after i woke up david called, asking how i was feeling and if he could bring anything to me.

when he came by half an hour later, he brought with him a container of orange juice, a package containing bottles of both day- and nyquil, and three calla lilies, which are the flowers i will be carrying in our wedding.

not that he isn
t wonderful all the time, but its extra touches like these that make every day with him extra-special.

now i just hope i can make it through the end of grey’s anatomy before the nyquil kicks in. happy love thursday, everyone.

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melissa & steven said...

how sweet. :) hope you're feeling better already! and hope you got to see that intense episode of grey's last night. wowza!