we’re smart

monday evening, david and i decided to run some wedding- and post-wedding-related errands. first on the agenda was a trip to the paper source to buy some envelopes and paper for our invitation test run. ah, the paper source, how i love you. every time i enter your halls i wish instantaneously that i were more crafty than i actually am.

when we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly woman, who asked if she could help us. telling her our needs, she showed us to the back of the store where myriad envelopes, papers, and cardstock were located. the following is a portion of our conversation that made david and me laugh and shake our heads for hours after our visit.

friendly paper source woman: how many packets of envelopes do you think you’ll need?
ann-marie: well, we have 278 on the list, so . . . 28, 29 packets of ten envelopes?
curious paper source woman: so you have . . . 500 guests coming?
david and ann-marie: NO! goodness, no! only 278 at the most.
wise paper source woman: then you don’t have 278 invitations.
david and ann-marie: wow, we’re smart.

we had been so preoccupied with the number of people we were inviting and how many of them would get invitations to the formal reception, we completely forgot to look at the left-hand row numbers to see the actual number of invitations we would need to send. brilliant.

once we purchased our test-run materials, we headed out to ikea to grab a bite to eat and to look at television and media furniture, couches, and other apartment items. now that we have decided to live in david’s apartment, we are starting to think about what we would like to have that will allow us to get rid of some of our i-feel-like-i'm-still-in- college furniture. we got a few ideas, but first we want to find out if we can paint any of the rooms in his place. if so, then we’ll do that before i start moving my stuff over there little by little during the next four months.

all in all it was a successful trip, and since that night, david has done an incredible job of designing and printing a few test runs of the invitation, reply card, and return address, as well as creating the maps for the direction page that will go into the invitation. today i will make a mock-up to show my mom. the invitation is the one thing that no one but the three of us knows about, and i’m determined to keep it that way (though i’m sure i’ll show my dad and davids parents, too) until they are sent out. some things need to be a surprise!

dear melissa, who is currently in seattle and loving it, has graciously offered to hand-address each of our invitations. imagine her relief when i told her the number was significantly lower than originally thought!

everything is coming together so nicely. and i thought i’d need a full year to do this? pshaw!


Kelly said...

I must echo you, AMO: Paper Source, how I love you. I wish I'd had a Paper Source nearby when Airan and I were designing our own invitations. Don't get me wrong -- they were lovely. But they could have been jujjed up a bit. (How on earth do you spell that word? "zhuzhed"?)

the velez luces said...

"loving it" is an understatement. i told steven if i go missing he knows where to find me. :)