happy birthday! - volume two

today is my dad’s 65th birthday. i’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know i’m announcing that on my blog, but he doesn’t read it so . . .

we had a great party at mom and dad’s house today, filled with good friends from church and the neighborhood, all of whom came out to wish him a happy birthday, share some good stories, eat good food, and have good fun.

my dad, for those of you who don’t know him, is incredible. he is patient, loving, wise, and compassionate. he can build any piece of furniture you need and sing any song you wish to hear. his sense of humor is always entertaining (at least to me, who shares his gift for goofy puns), and his heart is huge. our family is what it is because of my dad and what he and my mom have taught us through the years. when i am told i resemble my dad, whether in appearance or character, i smile.

as isaak said in his birthday card for his farfar, “you are sweet. you are the best person in the world. you have a gift for giving, playing, and niceness.” so true.

during the party today, david took a moment here and there to work on fixing my parents’ computer, particularly their email. more pictures arrived in their inbox, and they were printed out to show the party guests. these photos are thanks to isaak’s aunt kp, who gave him an inexpensive digital camera for christmas. enjoy!

thirty minutes old


the proud papa


melissa said...

happy birthday to both olson men, little and big alike!

Stuart Shea said...

I need to sign your dad's book!!!