my colors are “blush” and “bashful”, momma!

this title will only have an effect on you if you’ve seen steel magnolias and remember julia roberts’ character, shelby, defending her choice of wedding colors to her mother, who claims they are pink and pink. and if you can affect a good louisiana drawl, all the better. the colors for david’s and my wedding are light ivory and peridot (also known as light sage) green, with a little peach thrown in for good measure. they will make for a pretty, summery wedding day. but the colors i really want to talk about today are the ones we chose for painting the apartment.

after a trip to the home depot on saturday to choose some options, david ran the colors past the landlords. we weren’t worried about any of them except the cherry-cobbler red. after all, they did say we could paint as long as we didn’t choose anything “crazy”. i guess david was right when he said, “who knows how they define ‘crazy? maybe they think zebra stripes are ‘crazy.” when they saw the sample of the red we chose, they loved it and told us to go for it. you don’t have to tell us twice! on monday, we went back to the home depot and bought supplies and pretty much all the behr paint we thought we’d need for the four rooms and two hallways we will be painting. the colors are these:we’ve already finished painting the two hallways, which are the lighter yellow color, and are now discussing which room to tackle next. it’s fun to start turning david’s apartment into our apartment.

and the best part? there
s not a shade of pink to be found.


simplicity said...

I love the colors, though I wish you would have chosen VALSPAR brand. I used to work there and am partial to their paints. :)

Enjoy painting! I am NOT a good painter, but it sure is fun.

Nancy said...

I have been told I am a good painter and I like it enough but I don't know that I'd always call it fun. I hope you have fun though.
I love the colors you chose.

Small Moments of Sanity said...

those are great colors! i am a pink fan but honestly, not on my walls. but i'd choose the ones you did any day along with a little chocolate brown. yum! i love painting. there's something fresh and rewarding about it. and NEW. which i'm sure you both will really appreciate.