easter dresses and snow suits

looks like this could be the forecast for easter in chicago this year. it’s too bad, too, because we just had a string of beautiful, 65-degree days. until yesterday. yesterday we had snow, and the projected outlook for sunday includes a high of 38 degrees. can’t you just see the little girls in your neighborhood all bundled up in their down coats and snow pants, hiding their pretty pastel frocks? i just hope all the flowers at the front of our church (and i) don’t wilt from the cold. he is risen, indeed.

david left today to drive to michigan to be with his family for easter, and i am staying in chicago to be with mine. it is our last holiday for which we will go our separate ways. after this, we will play the holiday choice game. you know, the one where you find out which family has the better presents or meal offerings and you go to their house? kidding! what i meant to say was, the one where you make sure you see each family group for at least one holiday a year. yeah, that one. easier said than done when part of your family lives in michigan, part of it lives in vermont, and when those parts have other extended families to consider, as well. it will all work out and some years will be tougher than others, but we are blessed with understanding and generous families.

in the meantime we will enjoy our time with our families, revel in the glory of our soon-to-be risen-again savior, and smile like giddy schoolchildren with the excitement we feel for the days when making those holiday choices will be one of many life decisions we plan together.

best wishes to you and yours for a joyful easter!


simplicity said...

personally, i prefer to go to the family who has the better gifts and better meals....typically my own parents :)

Just kidding!

I was laughing though when I read that in your post! Thanks for the early morning crack up!

Alli said...

Ah, yes, the holiday choice game...

Luke and I are becoming very familiar as well. : )