the view from the other side of the lake


you cant really see it in this picture, but the portion of the metal structure on the walkway closest to the lighthouse is covered in ice. brr! david took this one afternoon while he was visiting his family in michigan over christmas easter weekend, but it was so cold he could only bear to be outside for twenty minutes. and yet, he still took eighty pictures.


audrey said...

it totally looks like waves crashing over ICE! so much for the pastel and floral easter weekend!

ps. i'm typing right now from the pike street suites in seattle, where i hear you may or may not have a visit planned to soon! just under 9 weeks away - you must be getting so excited!

ann-marie said...

yes! we are staying there. melissa spoke so highly of it and cynthia (in sales) gave us a great deal AND gave us our choice of a fireplace or a jacuzzi suite, so how could we not?

just under nine weeks or 58 days . . . however you slice it, it's almost here! yay!