on the road to healing

at least, i think i am. after numerous calls to the galter lifecenter about setting up a massage appointment, i was finally told that they are more than happy to do so, but the next available date is monday, may 7. not feeling absolutely sure i want to wait more than a week to find out if a massage will alleviate my pain, i opted not to make that appointment.

then, yesterday afternoon, as i was sitting at my desk, i began to roll my head slowly and gently from shoulder to shoulder, taking care not to move it in a direction that would cause more (or create new) pain. when i’d done that a couple of times, i made an attempt to crack my neck, something that i often do and which usually makes my neck feel better. i leaned my head to the left and it cracked like it normally does, which felt really good. then i leaned my head to the right and, while it didn’t crack like it normally does, i definitely heard something go *pop*. not in a bad way, though, if there’s any way to differentiate between a good pop and a bad pop. but it wasn’t in my neck; it was at the back of my head. when i put my head upright, i raised my hand and felt the top of my head, which has been sensitive to the touch for the past week, and it didn’t hurt. huh? that’s interesting. so i rolled my head forward and backward, side to side, and felt . . . no . . . pain!

i’m healed!

i called david right away to tell him what had happened, and we decided that the pop must have been made by whatever was pinched or pulled at the back of my head. perhaps that pop was what needed to happen to make my head feel better. careful not to get too excited (minus the cry of “i’m healed!,” of course) i went back to work, planning to see how it felt again in an hour.

an hour came and went. my neck was definitely feeling better, but i was still experiencing some strange radiating pain at the back of my head, particularly when i touched a specific point (i know, i know, “so don’t touch it.”). after work i drove to david’s and laid down for a bit while he did some work on our church’s web site. before i knew it, i had been asleep for an hour and woke up with a nice pillow mark down the side of my face. and more head pain.

so i drove to jewel, where i picked up a box of aleve and some ben & jerry’s (“marsha marsha marshmallow,” if you’re curious). i went home and ate dinner, got into my comfy clothes, parked myself in front of the television, and watched thank god you’re here, which was funnier than i was expecting, crossing jordan, and lost, my love of which was rekindled a few weeks ago.

david stopped by so we could work on the program for our wedding ceremony, which reminds me . . . our invitations went out this week! no turning back now. ;) but back to the program. we got quite a bit done, but my head was really hurting at that point, so i took an aleve and went to bed. this morning, i feel fine. there’s still a bit of a dull pain, but i feel better than i have in the past twelve days. it’s the craziest thing. hopefully it’s on its way out.


melissa said...

well, if it's hurting this evening, please don't feel obliged to stop by...although one of my c-c-c-cosmos might help you forget you even have a head attached to your neck. ;)

audrey said...

i'm so glad to hear that you're feeling so much releif! and i hope it lasts and that you DO stop by this evening for cosmos - it'll be great to see you. oh...and we got your wedding invitation in the mail yesterday! we're so excited!!!

simplicity said...

YEAH! So glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery!!

And I hope the cosmos were good...Yum!

mar said...

yes, definitely glad you're on the path to wellness.