quality friday

in a vein similar to that of love thursday, my dear friend melissa has begun “quality friday,” in which she posts about something during her week that expresses an element of quality in her life. she also encourages others to do the same, and some of them have followed suit.

the past couple of months have been a bit crazy for me, which, if you have taken the time to read any of my ridiculously long posts of late, should be obvious. and whenever i read melissa’s or another’s quality friday posts, i think, “how nice. i wish i had time to think about what’s so quality in my life right now.” now that i’ve had time to ruminate a bit and, let’s be honest, regain normal feeling in my head (today is even better than yesterday), i have realized that writing about quality in my life should not be impossible because of time constraints. i simply need to take note. just because life is hectic does not mean it is without quality. it’s a matter of recognizing that quality and putting words to it. as a pretty consistent blogger, this should not be difficult.

and so, without further ado, i give you my first quality friday post:

this past week i have been overwhelmed. at a bridal shower that my aunt ruth hosted for david and me last saturday, i was overwhelmed by the kindness of family and friends. not to mention the extent to which my aunt went to make the shower
one of high quality. from the calla lily decorations to the scrumptious meal to the fun games to the thoughtful gifts, ruth put in a jaw-dropping amount of effort. but that’s the way ruth is. in addition, she is coming to the shower our church is holding for us tomorrow, as well, with gifts in hand. see? overwhelmed.

the rest of the week i continued with my struggle to figure out what i could do to make my head pain go away. on tuesday, melissa emailed our brunch club group to remind them of our plans to go for drinks on thursday evening, in part to toast david’s and my upcoming nuptials. not being one to think ahead, it hadn’t hit me until that morning that sitting in a noisy pub might not be the best thing for my aching cranium. so i emailed the group with my tail between my legs, asking if there was anywhere quieter we could go. dear, dear melissa (i told you she was a dear friend) offered to host at her apartment after her and steve’s weekly grey’s anatomy party. and even though only four of us were able to make it (and only three of us made it past 11pm) it was a terrific chance to relax and catch up with these women who i so enjoy being with. the experience of sitting with them, laughing, and sharing a cosmo or two was such a joy, especially after the way i’ve been feeling. the combination of these three things made me forget my head was even hurting (i’d say it was the cosmos, but i didn’t have enough for that to be true). it was a great way to begin to close out the week and perfect “quality friday” material.

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melissa said...

HOOOORAYYYYYYY!!!!! welcome to the quality friday club. i'm so glad you're making time to reflect on the quality moments in your week and - if you haven't had one yet - create some quality in your life. it's a humbling and thought-provoking process. thanks for joining us for cosmos - it wouldn't have been the same without you! love you and hope you're having a BEAUTIFUL weekend even as i type this. :)