major purchase number one

since david and i completed the painting of his—and what will soon be our—apartment last week, we have been looking into new options for television and media storage. much of what we saw, while nice, was either too large for the space in which it will go or too expensive. then we took a look at wickes and saw a few things we thought might work.

after church today we took a trip to the nearest wickes showroom and saw three pieces that we liked, but we realized we had completely forgotten to measure the wall where the piece will go. so we borrowed a tape measure from our friendly neighborhood wickes employee, suzana, and took down the measurements for the three pieces (two different armoires and a lower, wider television cabinet). then we headed back to the apartment, where we started by measuring out the dimensions of the low cabinet. and that was all it took. we decided then and there that that was the cabinet we wanted. nice ’n‘ easy. that’s our style.

we had also seen a mission-style coffee table that, while it didn’t match the cabinet perfectly, was a nice complement. so, upon our return to the showroom, we found suzana again and asked her if we could first carry the coffee table over to the cabinet to see if the finishes were a close enough match, which they were (much more so than they appear in these photos). it wasn’t long before we were on our way out the door, smiling and saying, “we just bought our first pieces of furniture!”

delivery is expected this week.


simplicity said...

How fun!

Way to go you!

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