i [heart] stamps.com

this entry is likely to be the most lame love thursday entry ever in the history of love thursday, but oh well.

a few posts ago i lamented the fact that the postal system was letting me down. a postage hike that takes effect after the wedding invitations are to be sent out, but before the reply postcards are to be returned? shoot. how do we get around that one?

stamps.com, that’s how. this great little site, endorsed by the usps, allows one to create customized stamps. you pick an image you like and download it to the site, then choose which stamp rate you want and how many sheets you need. it costs a little extra, but not enough to bother me. one stamp of stained-glass calla lilies instead of the butterfly/necklace combo? sign me up!

not only that, but when i called to inquire about when the new rates would become available, i was told april 4. perhaps this will end up being complete hooey, but a girl can hope, right? in any case, i plan to order the $.39 stamps for the outer envelopes with the same design, simply because i can and because there aren’t too many terribly attractive $.39 stamps available from the usps right now, either. so, all this is to say, i love stamps.com.

for now.

well see what happens come april 4.


melissa said...

why did i not know about this service last year? bah humbug, but yea for you! now if i could only get love thursday-ers to participate in quality friday... ;)

melissa said...

dumb-me. i did know about them (went to the site after i commented). i was just cheap and not willing to spend any more money on stamps than the dadblasted $175 i was already dropping. BLECH!

simplicity said...

Very cute stamps you have picked out.

I'm glad it's working out!

Isn't the postage cost alarming though???!??? Oy!