back in may, david and i, along with our friends melissa and steve, attended the wedding of our friends natalie and justin. it was a gorgeous spring day and, as we had some time to kill between the ceremony and the reception, we decided to make a pit-stop at the velez luce abode for some libations. our dear friend joanna joined us, as well. i have been meaning to post these pictures, but other things precluded me.

jo, mel, and a-m

the boys strike a pose of their own


simplicity said...

Love that floral dress...so cute. And looks wonderful on you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back AMO! I hope that you had a great time in Seattle! I love the picture of Steve and David...that's a classic.

melissa said...

hooray! so fun, celebrating that day with you two and looking forward with anticipation to your own. :)

Alli said...

Hey neighbor!

Other things? What other things? : )