quick update

it's been a little crazy around here lately. hence, the lack of new posts. heres what we've been up to:

  • june 30: went to a wedding in paxton, illinois—congratulations chris & sharon!
  • july 1: farewell gathering for the malones [more to come on this]
  • july 3: picked up wedding proofs from timothy whaley—love them!
  • july 4: slept in and spent day working around the house; david programmed
  • july 5: susanna, isaak, and aaron arrive; dinner at home
  • july 7: susanna, aaron, david, and i drive to ann arbor, michigan, for becca & peter’s wedding—yay!
  • july 8: returned from ann arbor
  • july 9: one-month-iversary—how time flies! “celebrated” by looking at living room furniture and going to chipotle for dinner; in work realm: told our office is moving to new building not currently suitable for our needs (much calamity ensued).
  • july 10: meetings, meetings, meetings, mostly about new office space
  • july 11: saw harry potter and the order of the phoenix—so good! want to see it again.
  • july 12: dinner at our place with the family; must grocery shop at lunch


melissa said...

where's the move to?

Kelly said...

Happy one-month-iversary! And they said it wouldn't last.

ann-marie said...

and just who might "they" be?!?!?!


ann-marie said...

we're moving across the river to an apartment building. not a horrible space, per se, just not configured well for our purposes. at least not yet.

we'll see if they let us knock down a wall or two.

Anonymous said...

changes...new job for you, new marriage, new Starbuck's, and now new office! it has been fun to read the updates. congratz again to you and david and you'll be great in your new position at npu.