you say, “good bye”

i say, “see you later.”

it’s never easy to say good bye to friends. and it is for this reason that i prefer not to say it. almost two weeks ago, we returned to the home of melissa and steve to bid farewell (i mean, “see you later”) to our good friends mark and audrey, who left on july third for san francisco. audrey was offered a position there, and, seeing as it was a good job move for her and mark has dreamed of living in san fran for many a year, they decided to make the move.

we were joined by kjersten and michael and the new love of their life, wrigley, as well as melissa’s father, orlando, and his girlfriend, esther, all of whom are very special friends of ours.

the jennings family portrait

as we sat on the patio on that beautiful july night, melissa suggested that we each offer up words of advice or encouragement to mark and audrey, and the result was a poignant time filled with words of love, laughter, and heartfelt good wishes.

the original four brunch club girls posed for photos, and we even got a few pics of the brunch club husbands.


mark, david,
steven, michael & wrigley

it was a wonderful way to wish our friends well in this new chapter of their life. and to let them know that this is not good-bye, because we will be seeing them again soon.


wild said...

Oh, you almost made cry. I hate goodbyes too! *sigh* It's never really goodbye, though, if we know the Lord! Such a wonderful truth. :)

audrey said...

it really WAS a wonderful "see you later" party, and hard to beleive that that was 2 weeks ago already! we miss you.

melissa said...

i love that we finally got a 'brunch club boys' shot. glad you could join us that night!

Anonymous said...

That was a very fun night! Thanks so much for taking that "Jennings Family" shot. It's the only one we have of the three of us!