or trying to. if you’re in the midwest right now, you know it’s not easy.

life has been pretty uneventful as of late, save for the major “redecorating project” david and i have had to undertake. putting it plainly, we’re getting new windows in our apartment. so, in the midst of packing to go away today for five days, we also have had to move everything as far away from the windows as possible (not an easy task in an apartment with small rooms, such as ours), take down or remove any fragile items, and cover everything with tarps to prevent them from being covered in dust. lovely.

in other news, mom and dad returned safely from their trip to vermont, bringing us a pair of hand-made, wooden salad tongs that we had seen when we were there in april, but which we had not purchased.

they also brought with them a surprise gift . . . in the form of beer. but not just any beer. magic hat beer, brewed only in vermont and sold only in select areas of the east coast. chicago, you’re missing out. we were given a 12-pack of number 9, my favorite (though blind faith is a close second), and plan to drink it sparingly.

as for what’s coming down the pike, we leave today for five days in the north woods with david’s family, and we’ll probably even get a chance to see laurie and her family for a day. it will be nice to see everyone again (i don’t think i’ve talked to my parents-in-law much since the wedding! eek!) and get in a little r and r.

happy weekends and blaring air conditioners to all!


mar said...

have fun!
i squandered my vaca last weekend with an 8am dentist appt, feral cat, in-laws anniversary party & sunburn from being at the lake.

melissa said...

have a great time! sorry we aren't able to join the fun. :(

audrey said...

have a wonderful time this weekend!!!