i'm it

apparently i’ve been tagged. kjersten tagged melissa, who now has tagged me, among others.

it is now my duty to think of eight random facts about myself and/or habits i have and share them with you. but then i get to tag eight more people. hee. here goes nuthin’:

1 [fact] i have been bitten by a squirrel and a dog. fortunately, not at the same time.

2 [fact] when i eat, i must chew each bite a number—an inordinately large number—of times before swallowing. ballpark? twenty-five to forty. my husband, in stark contrast, will chew three or four times before swallowing. this has resulted in much meal-time boredom on his behalf.

3 [habit] did i also mention i talk a lot during meals? poor david.

4 [habit] i sing along with music. i’ve heard this is a problem for others when the music is in the background of a television show or movie, and my joining in covers up the dialogue.

5 [fact] my first kiss happened when i was twenty.

6 [habit] like melissa, i talk in my sleep. i have also been known to sing and scream bloody murder.

7 [fact] when i was in fifth grade i got pulled off of the playground and into the principal's office because i was sitting on a swing to keep my skirt from getting dirty. i wasn't swinging (which, for anyone who didn't go to a chicago public school in the seventies, wasn't allowed).

8 [habit] i crack my neck, knuckles, wrists, back, knees, ankles, and toes. it's a wonder i'm still in one piece.

i now tag:

the profound brunette

you're it!


Kelly said...

Argh! You'll pay for this, AMO.

phrysque said...

And we wonder why I don't have a blog... don't blog, dont get tagged. HA!

In response to AMO(F)'s facts/habits...

1) ouch.

2) Um hum... early on when we were dating, AMO was freeked out when I was staring at her during a meal. I was counting chews. It was around 35. She then did it to me, it was around 4. Total Fact, full truth.

3) ...

4) I'm getting used to it... she has a great voice. ;)

5) not to me.

6) It's a good think I sleep very deeply.

7) That's the only time she ever got scolded.

8) ahhhh. that feels good.

-dave (the husband)

melissa said...

HE COMMENTED! HOOOOORAYYY!!! keep 'em comin', phrysque!

Stuart Shea said...

So...you talk during meals and chew inordinately. Yet you don't seem the kind to talk with your mouth full. How do you do it?

ann-marie said...

hence his meal-time ennui. we're there for-ev-er!

Melissa said...