who says they’re only for january first? here are a few i’ve made in the past few days:

1 pop is only for special occasions, and water is so much better for me.

2 going out to lunch more than once a week isn't necessary, and home is now three blocks away.

3 working out is a good way to keep my heart healthy, and if i lose a few pounds, too, that’s just gravy.

4 say no to gravy. and other high-fat, high-cholesterol foods. also, control the portions. just because there’s more of it in the container doesn’t mean there should be more of it going into my mouth. (ah, a two-fer!)

5 starbucks = special treat. starbucks ≠ not daily habit.*

have any of you made resolutions lately? or actually kept the ones you made in honor of the new year? if so, what are they?

* i say this only because i don't simply get coffee at starbucks. oh, no. i get the caramel macchiato, or the iced raspberry mocha, or the lemon loaf, or the . . . you get the idea.


melissa said...

now THIS would be a fun "tag" to play with people. my resolutions that i've actually been maintaining are:
1. quit biting my FREAKING. NAILS.
2. begin flamenco lessons.
and as of this morning.....i'll be on my way to spain before the year is over (not necessarily a resolution, but definitely a "i'm going to do it, i swear i'm going to do it" statement for the last six years).

my one and most important resolution these days has been to really make time for devotions in the morning - i know that if i wait until evening, i'm shot, but these days have found me crawling into bed in the wee hours. perhaps 'discipline' should be the header on that one.

more power to you, girl - keep up the good work! :)

kate setzer kamphausen said...

Yoga three times weekly. Then the Friday-lunch yoga class stopped meeting until September (come on, September!), but I'm still hitting the other two classes with a crazy-high (for my track record!) percentage of regularity.

That was my only resolution this year - and I feel so much better for following it!