better and better

susanna is doing much better. she will probably have her ventilator and chest tubes removed today, which is a very good thing. in addition, she was talking and joking with kari this morning, and pete says her anxiety about the situation has decreased dramatically, which will aid in her recovery, too. whew.

my mom arrived yesterday afternoon and got to see susanna for a little while. today mom and aaron are going to spend the day together doing all sorts of fun things like laundry and grocery shopping. whee!

susanna's brother will be heading out there next week, and i have purchased a ticket for december 10-14. it will be good to see them and to be able to help in any way i can. and even nicer to know that, most likely, i will be able to see them again a mere ten days later when they come for christmas.

as my mom said today, "things are looking really good, but that doesn't mean we should stop praying." amen to that.

in other news, david and i approved our wedding albums last night, as well as our parents' albums. unfortunately, that means that it is most likely the parent albums won't be ready in time for christmas, but we have some other items to give the 'rents to tide them over.

we also received two large framed sets of photos, which we have now hung in our apartment, as well as a silk-framed four-photo folio, and two mini albums of ten images each. now if we could only get started on our thank-you notes. ugh.


melissa said...

procrastination station paging ann-marie; come in, ann-marie. this is a warning. waiting on your thank yous makes it that much easier to find yourself sitting on the couch a year and a half later realizing you STILL. HAVEN'T. SENT THEM. bad bride alert! bad bride alert! hoping you get yours out in a much more timely fashion than i have...gulp.

ann-marie said...

lol - too funny. we're nearing the six-month point now. and then there are christmas cards, too! oy. too much!

Anonymous said...

hey, ann-marie. i randomly found your blog today. so sorry to hear about all the craziness with your family lately! i will start praying. better late than never!

we finally sent out about 1/3 of our thank-yous a week ago. yikes. so, yeah, we're not doing to well at this either, but it makes me feel better that we aren't alone!

have a great christmas season!


audrey said...

glad to hear that susanna is doing better! i'll keep the prayers coming.

and hurray for your wedding album and photos!

Brian said...


Thanks so much for letting me know about Susanna. I was able to get a card off, and I also put a call in to them. I spoke to your mem for about a second, but she was up to her elbows in baby at the time, so I said I would call back. Of course that was 2 days ago!