looking up

susanna's surgery today was successful. the doctors removed some more infected fluid from her lung (which they said looked like chicken fat--lovely), and said that her left lung is all clear of infection. they expect she will need to stay in the icu for a few more days, but then will be moved to a regular room.

in the realm of good news, the doctors feel susanna will recover quickly enough that she will be able to get on a plane to come to chicago for christmas.

my mom leaves at 7:45 tomorrow morning for a week with the family.


simplicity said...

so glad things are looking up for her and the family. how scary, but so thankful all has worked out and will be ok.

melissa said...

so glad for the good news. our prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So glad to hear this good report. We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

audrey said...

what wonderful news! i'm glad that your mom will be going to visit, and that yours will follow. we'll continue to pray.