the one with all the trivia

christmas came early to our home last weekend. friday evening found david and me running a couple of errands, one of which brought us to best buy to purchase an xbox 360 for david. his buddy steve has an xbox, which is great for when the guys want to get together and shoot stuff up (a lovely image, i know). but sometimes david would like to have the guys over to our place for guy's night, too. and so, the xbox 360 is an early christmas gift. or, as david says, "my christmas present for the next ten years." five, maybe, but not ten.

on our way to the cashier's counter, i saw , perched ever-so-strategically on a nearby shelf, a new version of the popular movie game scene it?, only this one was even more up my alley. that's right, it's the friends deluxe edition! and at a tenth the price of the xbox, i easily justified adding it to our purchase.

well, we played it for the first time last night. it was easier for me than original scene it? (which may have something to do with the fact that i wasn't playing against the king of all movie knowledge, luke), but still not much more enjoyable for david, who just doesn't have a freakish brain like mine. at least not when it comes to entertainment trivia.

we ended the evening by playing a couple rounds of halo 3, at which i have no skill whatsoever. david was patient with me and helped me get my bearings, but it's just not something i'm good at. perhaps there's a friends game for xbox?

may you all have a happy and relaxing thanksgiving day.


elm said...

Don't tell Nelson! She will FLIP OUT. And I want to buy it for her for Christmas (I'm banking on the fact that I don't think she frequents your blog & reads the comments).

simplicity said...

I'm not coordinated enough for video games either, though I hear the WII is pretty cool. We have the oldest Nintendo 64 you'll ever see. Dinosaur age for sure. But it does the job for T's 30 minutes a day and the rest of us are living just fine without it :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa Elsner said...

oh man.. i would so play that with you!!!!! i might have to get that game..

mar said...

i'm not a video-gamer myself, but i do enjoy stephen's wii on occasion. and the nintendo ds sometimes.

love the word verification