out of the woods

susanna is being moved to a regular hospital room tonight. this is terrific on so many levels. not only does it mean she has improved enough to not need 24-hour attention, but it also means that her boys can see her again.

kari went out to rent a portable dvd player so that the family can have a movie night at the hospital, per susanna's request. she also indicated that she would like to drink coffee and eat oreos. :)

god is good.


melissa said...

LOL. here's to many movie-watching, coffee-, oreo-, and family filled evenings to come for susanna! praise God!

audrey said...

this is such wonderful news! hooray for the progress that she's made - God certainly answers prayers.

i love how the family will be spending the evening tonight!

mar said...

i hope she has a private room. i know it made a big difference for me the two times i was hospitalized in september. the nights i had a roommate the poor woman kept me from sleeping all night & i needed the rest!

elm said...

Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

great news!