one step closer to home

it seemed that susanna would be on her way home today or tomorrow, but she has had a couple of rough days due to her move from the peace and quiet of the icu into a regular hospital room. regular hospital room equals regular hospital chaos. as a result, she has not been able to get much sleep and woke up sick this morning. she felt better by the afternoon, but susanna is one who truly needs to listen to her body when it tells her it's getting tired, and she just can't do that in a noisy hospital wing.

as the doctors want her to get well as soon as possible, they have decided to move her one more time, this time to a rehab facility that just happens to be located a couple of miles from their home. i like to think that this is a metaphorical move as much as a physical one. she will probably need to stay there for another four to six days, which means my mom will not be able to see her actually make the move back home--a sad thing for both susanna and mom.

a couple of things for the "on the upside" list:

one - aaron slept a solid twelve hours last night, giving mom and peter the chance to get a very good night's sleep.

two - susanna's brother todd will be arriving tomorrow; he will be a great help around the house while my mom entertains aaron (and possibly isaak, who had a snow day today and stayed home with aaron and farmor). susanna should be home by the time i arrive next monday afternoon. i hope i have the stamina for it. there is much to be done, and much will fall to me so susanna can recuperate. mom is taking notes of aaron's eating and sleeping schedule so i know what to expect when i get there. if ever there were a time to find out if i've got what it takes to be a mother, next week will be IT.

and no, i'm not making an announcement.

thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement. things are definitely looking up.

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elm said...

Praying still for Susanna.
And it occurred to me that YOU are an answer to my prayers. Thank you, AMO, for being what a sister should be to their family! God cares, I care (and I don't really even know them, but I know that He loves His children), and all of your family care.
Expecting a full recovery and MORE out of this whole trial - what a tiny blessing for you to get to trial-run motherhood! ;)