susanna had a bit of a setback yesterday. she’s still basically recovering well, but more fluid was removed from her right lung. she’s still in quite a bit of pain but has a pca (patient-controlled analgesic) device, so she can push a button to get pain relief on her own schedule. they put a chest tube back in, and because she’s had ct scans, they could place it precisely where it needs to be. the scans showed that the lung has built a protective covering for itself, which is a natural occurrence when there’s infection, but that covering can only be removed surgically, and that may not happen until monday. they want to be sure she doesn’t have any infection before they do anything invasive. so she’s still in icu, where she can be monitored best and conditions are extremely sterile. she’ll have another ct scan on monday, to check her left lung, which now has a small pocket of fluid. this fluid could be reabsorbed by her body by then, but they will be checking on that.

it’s pete and kari’s understanding that, even though this is a setback, it isn’t something that would be considered unusual or unexpected. they are just disappointed because she was doing quite well, so hopes were up for an earlier release next week.

thanks to all for your prayers (or good vibes or whatever it is you do).

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Amo, we are praying for a speedy and complete recovery for Susanna. Our prayers are with all of you as her family and friends, too. God bless,