just got a call from my mom, who had just talked to pete. in his words (or perhaps they were kari's), "susanna no longer looks like hell warmed over. now she just looks like hell." i suppose we'll take what we can get.

susanna is still in the icu, and she is scheduled for an endoscopic surgery at noon tomorrow, during which they will remove a "rind" that has grown on the inner lining of her lung, which in a way is a good thing. it means her body is working to heal itself. basically, the rind protects the lung from any infection in the area. the body will reabsorb the rind eventually, when the infection has been gone for a good long time. however, because the doctors drained the infected fluid, they want to remove the rind earlier. this will allow her body to begin the post-infection healing sooner.

the boys are doing great--all three of them. peter has gotten a few good nights of sleep, thanks to the help of friends and family, isaak is over his bout with the stomach flu and laughing at the antics of mr. bean, and aaron is now drinking formula from a bottle and slept straight through the night last night.

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