not so fast

we got ahead of ourselves with all that "home-going" talk. susanna had a ct scan late last night in order to make sure she was clear to be moved to the rehab facility. but at 1 a.m. my brother was called and told that the scan indicated fluid around her heart. she had a surgical procedure to drain the fluid, which was a darker color than the doctors expected. they say this could be the result of her recent infection, or perhaps she'd had another infection at some point in the past that was never detected.

at any rate, susanna is back in the icu and on a ventilator. peter is feeling as though this will never end, and isaak misses his mommy. and why wouldn't he? peter is with her at the hospital until she wakes up, but then he has to go to work. their pastor is going to be with them and will possibly stay for a while during the day so susanna has company and someone to keep a watchful, caring eye on her.

keep the prayers comin'.


simplicity said...

I am definitely praying for Susanna and Peter. This is such a bummer and so hard, especially with little ones.

I'm so glad that you are able to go spend time with them soon.

Kelly said...

What a terrible roller-coaster for Susanna and Peter. I'm thinking good thoughts for them. It sounds like she's getting excellent care -- that coupled with the obvious outpouring of love from her family will hopefully set things to rights soon!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I will be keeping Susanna and Peter and those CUTE children in my prayers. What an awful and emotionally taxing situation!

melissa said...

Praying for you and yours, AMO. Do keep us posted as you know more. These updates are so appreciated.

Brian said...


This is so frustrating! Thanks for the daily updates. I am literally checking every day, and so appreciate your entries. We are praying hard in Grand Rapids!